A better project management tool that's also open source.

Artemis helps you automate your team's project workflow and collaborate together, all while having full control and privacy over your tasks In development, sign up to stay updated!

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How are you different from XYZ?

Full automation via API

Programmatically add, remove, and modify tasks, epics, sprints and anything else in Artemis through our REST API. Automate your entire workflow and integrate with other platforms such as Slack, Gmail or Github. You have full control over your tasks.

Import and export between Trello, Asana, plaintext, and more

Bring in your tasks from other project mangement tools and Artemis will automatically incorporate them. You can even use Markdown or org-mode files to interoperate between Artemis and your plaintext.

Open Source

You have the freedom to use and change Artemis in whatever way you see fit, and with our AGPL 3.0 license, no one else can take your freedoms away. If you self-host Artemis, your tasks are entirely private and nobody else sees them.

And all your other favorite features!

Kanban Boards and To Do Lists

Use a simple list view or go into a robust kanban board for your needs.

Time Tracking

Understand how long a task is taking you with time estimates and alerts if you go overboard.

Epics, Sprints, and Stories

Using Scrum and Agile? Track everyone on your team to see who's doing what, and @mention them to assign them tasks.

Nested and Repeatable Task Scheduling

Have a goal of getting one client per week for your business? Now you can set repeatable tasks and use the dashboard to see if you're on track to hit your goals!

Calendar View

Schedule all your tasks on your calendar, and if something changes, Artemis will dynamically rearrange your calendar to fit the tasks in the new time frame.

Task Analytics

Use the dashboard to see how you and your teammates are doing, and predict when your team will finish your Backlog. Identify any bottlenecks in your team's performance over time.


You're still in development?

Yeah it takes a while to produce a good product, especially as a solo founder, so sign up to our email list below to be the first to know when we launch!

Is Artemis a free or paid product?

Artemis is open source software which means you can download it and use it yourself when it's finished. However, if you don't want the hassle of setting it up yourself, Artemis has a monthly subscription just like other product management tools.

Does Artemis work offline?

Yes! If your internet goes down, you can still access all of your tasks in Artemis. We'll just sync up once you get your connection back online.

Can you answer my other questions and comments?

Sure, use the chat bubble on the bottom right corner to ask us whatever you want! You can also do so through Twitter or through email via the links at the bottom of this page, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Artemis is still in development, so sign up below to stay updated!

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